Here are clips from some of my best work.

Edible Manhattan

How to Make Mozzarella at Home, a photo essay and step-by-step demo courtesy of Kevin Chun, executive chef and owner of Louie & Chan, an Italian eatery and cocktail bar in Manhattan’s Lower East Side

Our 10 Must-Try Seasonal Ice Cream Flavors From Across the City, one of the top 14 most-read stories in 2014

Italian Food Connoisseur Vic Rallo Shares Thoughts on Slow Wine and America’s Growing Appetite for Wine

Edible Brooklyn

Love Sweet Love Pralines Brings Bite-Size Southern-Style Goodness to New York City, a profile of Courtney Feemster, young local entrepreneur

Bon Appétit

5 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for Thanksgiving, because November happens every year (amazingly enough)

Brooklyn Magazine

Bad Seed Chili Granola Officially Proves Granola Isn’t Just for Breakfast Anymore, a product review

The Huffington Post

Taste Test: The Best Canned Tomatoes, because tomatoes in the winter generally suck

The Daily Meal

How’s Your Hangi?, covering a demonstration of a traditional New Zealand way of cooking by Ben Shewry at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

7 Myths About Olive Oil, covering the essential things you need to know when shopping for olive oil and cooking with it

19 Crops That Would Disappear Without Bees, talking about the mysterious honey bee die-off and its consequences


5 Tips for a Healthier Potato Salad, slimming down a classic American favorite

Business Insider

Here’s How to Decode Trendy Food Labels, a helpful guide for the mindful shopper

The Post Game

How to Build the Perfect Burger, an interview with chef Govind Armstrong